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Anna Campbell, Untouched: Campbell is my new insta-buy author. Untouched was an angst-o-rama, and I ate it up with a giant big spoon. The heroine is grabbed and carried off by two yucky ruffians, who deliver her to a handsome young nobleman, apparently to be his sex slave. But things are not as they seem.

The handsome young nobleman is actually held captive on the estate by his Evil Uncle(TM), using the excuse that he's insane, so the Evil Uncle(TM) can use his money and power in his place. The handsome young nobleman had an illness years before which resulted in mental problems, which now appear resolved, but he fears they might come back, even as he's desperate for his freedom. He thinks the heroine is a spy set upon him by his Evil Uncle(TM), or perhaps his Evil Uncle(TM)'s lover. The heroine thinks she's trapped, which she is, and Doomed, which she is unless she escapes, because once she begins to sympathize a bit with the handsome young nobleman, the Evil Uncle(TM) will feel free to kill her, after letting the yucky ruffians do bad things to her first. Angst! In Buckets! Bonus male virgin!!!

Anna Campbell, Claiming the Courtesan: As so many romance novels do, this opened with the hero lying in bed with his mistress and reflecting upon how he needs to change his life. Except the farewell to his mistress is a little different than you might expect, and then it goes really wacky, because she is in fact the love interest.

The plot is a neat twist on the "we never really knew each other" trope. The heroine had to become a courtesan to support her siblings, and now that she has enough money, she's stopped and plans to lead a boring, blameless life in the country. Except the hero tracks her down and, when she refuses to marry him, carries her off against her will.

I don't usually like kidnapping stories, but I was interested enough in the characters to enjoy this one. I loved the sexually experienced heroine who had never before had sex that was truly meaningful to her emotionally, and the hero who was often at an emotional loss.

It wasn't as cracktastic as Untouched, but I still recommend it.
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