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I am way behind on writing up the romances I've been reading.

Joanna Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady: I adore romances set during the Napoleonic Wars. This one opens with a female French spy being held captive by an Evil French Spy who wants the invasion plans with which he believes she's been entrusted. Also in the cell are two English spies, both male, on badly injured. She is dead set on escaping, and will even deal with her enemies to do so. I didn't love the rest of the book as much as the opening because of some Romance Tropes, but I still enjoyed it.

The cool spoiler is that, after their escape, we learn that the heroine is blind, and has been for several months after a whack on the head. I had suspected this from the text, but wasn't sure until it was revealed. I might only have suspected because I've written blind characters and recognized the tricks.

[sigh] But later, after she gets hit on the head again and regains her sight, she also has amnesia. [Edited to add: I remembered wrong--she didn't.] Since she has no memory and never saw Hot English Spy, they can do that "starting over from scratch" thing that bugs me in romance. At least she gets her memory back later.

Also, the heroine, despite being a fabulous spy, has remained a virgin throughout her entire spy career. I want non-virginal female spies.

oyceter, you in particular should read this!
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