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I never wrote up these two Black Lace novels by Anna Clare. I read Flood first, as it has werewolves, and very sexy ones, too; and best of all, it was a historical, set in the Victorian period. I really liked the lyrical, intense writing in this. The only flaw was that it was less a novel than a series of vignettes tied together by the werewolves. It felt unfinished to me, because I wanted more!

I especially liked the variety of sexual activity. Two young men, ostensibly straight, end up having sex when they model for a famous, eccentric sculptor with a disturbingly erotic mistress. The sex ends up being much more meaningful to them than they'd expected. I really wanted to read all of their story, but once they've returned to England, you don't see much of them except from the outside. One of the young men also has an encounter with the sculptor's mistress. The other main couple is a young seamstress and her patron, for whom she makes a gorgeous, elaborate dress that is a character in itself; I think the seamstress falls in lust with the dress before she falls in lust with her patron. That relationship, to me, was more intense and satisfying than the heterosexual one she ended up in, but my feelings might have changed if the story had gone on longer. There just wasn't a chance to get to know her final partner beyond their first encounter.

Highly recommended. I also made note of her successes and possible problems in integrating the paranormal element with the erotica. I really liked her approach because it was less straightforward than most werewolf novels.

Mixed Signals is a contemporary, and much more heterosexual than Flood, though it also has considerable variation.

A major character is a cross-dressing man, who's had breast implants but no further surgery. He ends up in love with a former pop star, a woman, which eventually leads to considerable soul-searching. His best friend from his youth is the other protagonist, and we follow her search for love.

Overall, I liked Mixed Signals less than Flood, despite the intriguing plot elements, because I prefer my erotica to be more fantastical and fun. Though beautifully written, it was a little too real.
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