oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Whitfield, BENIGHTED

Kit Whitfield's Benighted is awesome. The world is filled with werewolves, and on moon nights the only ones who can police the lunes are "barebacks," humans who through a genetic accident cannot change form. Lunes lock themselves up on moon nights, or are supposed to make their way to designated shelters, but what about the children with no oversight? The drunks who can't find their way to a lockup? The lunes who like running free and don't care if they hurt someone?

It's a noir novel about minority oppression, from the first-person pov of a bareback who works as a sort of lawyer for those involved when lunes attack humans. When the book opens, she's slated to defend a lune who bit off a bareback's hand, and she's pretty sure it wasn't strictly an accident.

There's a romance, but this isn't a romance novel. If not for the werewolves, I would call it mainstream or suspense. It definitely feels noir to me. Anyway, it's definitely worth a look.
Tags: books, sf/f
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