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book 2, as yet untitled

I haven't begun writing yet, but I am working on book #2 on my contract, which is due the end of August [mad laughter]. Werewolves in World War I is the shorthand.

After my vacation, I decided I didn't want to use the characters I already had created for a werewolf book; I didn't want to bend their story to make it suitable for the contract book. I still want to write them as I originally planned, as a fantasy/romance. So the obvious solution was to come up with new characters.

This isn't as wacky an idea as it sounds. I know what sort of novel I must produce, within certain bounds, so I have an idea of what characters I'll require. I started with a list of character types, such as "amusing rake," to which I've slowly been adding. I also made a list of first names. After deciding one character was likely Belgian, and coming up with some background for her at lunch with L. yesterday, I made a list of Belgian names. Today I also bookmarked some useful sites for British surnames and the history of various minorities in the British army during WWI, and found an exciting book about women in espionage in WWI, by Tammy Proctor, which I can check out from the library tomorrow.

I need to start writing soon. Wordcount must happen if this is going to be finished. I am fast approaching the stage of minimum assimilated information that's necessary for the writing stage.
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