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DR. WHO: "Voyage of the Damned"

I was very psyched for this episode, but I confess I wish someone other than Russell Davies had written it. I know that, in television, new versions of something that's worked before are all the crack, but I would like to see a new vision of what a Christmas special could be. This followed a slightly different pattern to the others, but still felt...sameish.

1. Poor Astrid, nothing but an instrument to give the Doctor Angst.

2. Oh, look, so are the Van Hoffs. And so is Bannakaffalatta, with bonus angst for Astrid and Mr. Copper!

3. The part about everybody having left London for Christmas was pretty funny.

4. I also liked that Annoying Rich Guy (Slade?) lived and remained awful.

5. It was very old school DW in that you couldn't expect anyone to survive. That gave good tension. It carried me through feeling emotionally manipulated for most of the story.

Bring on the real episodes!

Tags: dr.who, tv

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