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It would be nice if someone had asked me where to send Priority FedEx addressed to me. I happen to have a day job. I am not loitering around home waiting for deliveries.

[sigh] Time to contact the sender and have the contract rerouted. I don't have time to go trekking across the universe to pick it up, when I'm about to go out of town for a couple of weeks.

Everything happens at once, doesn't it?

Ten years ago, I would've been a lot more stressed about this, and running around frantically worrying and thinking through various contingencies, trying to get everything done in a limited period of time. These days, not so much. I need at least fractions of down time. I will sacrifice to obtain down time.

Edited to add:
Reroute is accomplished! Go me! (And go contract person for doing it so quickly for me!)
Tags: business of writing

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