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I chose Afterburn as my first foray into Zane's writing, having been curious since I received some calls for submissions a while back, to anthologies she edited.

I was expecting Afterburn to be erotica, but to my eyes it was a mainstream novel, albeit one with some explicit language and activities focusing on the difficulties of courtship. It was also not a Romance. .

Romance novels end in happily-ever-after. This novel ends with the senseless death of the heroine, after she's become engaged to the hero. It looks like he'll have more adventures in the sequel, but her journey is over. I didn't find this ending satisfying. I am a softy.

Up until that point, though, I was enjoying the book a lot. It's alternating first person between hero and heroine, beginning with scenes set in their teenage years and continuing through their various sexual misadventures until they finally meet and begin their relationship. The misadventures were pretty funny in places, if usually with an edge of pain; the heroine's disastrous date with her hairdresser's brother, for example.

So now I want to know if Zane's written any happy endings. I would happily read more, if there are some. Otherwise, it's too depressing for me.

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