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my crazy schedule

I did almost all of my holiday shopping on Saturday morning. This was necessary, because my schedule this week is insane.

Sunday, I went with a friend to her company's holiday brunch, then directly from there to a rehearsal for a Christmas carol gig at the Union League, followed immediately by said caroling, in three sessions (luckily, they provided sandwiches for us). Walked straight from caroling to final piano rehearsal for the Hanukkah concerts, which lasted three hours. I just did the math--I was singing for seven and a half hours. Got home after 10 pm.

Today, I work all day, then trek up Broad Street to the dress rehearsal with instrumentalists, which ends at 10 pm, then I take the subway and walk a distance from there, unless some kind person drops me off in their car.

Tomorrow, I work all day, then have a 6:30 call, then a concert, then a receiption (which I might skip, considering my contribution to be doughnuts), then have to get home.

Wednesday is the final concert, which is in a town I'd never heard of, north of the city. Luckily, I have a ride. I meet friend, we take trolley to her husband who has the car, we go. 6:30 pm call. We sing the concert. There is a reception, kosher this time, so I don't have to bring anything, someone else is dealing with it. I hitch a ride home with a different person, who I think won't be up for standing around chatting at a reception either. It's one thing on a weekend. When you have to go to work the next day, not so much.

Thursday, I collapse and lie flat. At least, after I get home from work I do.

This schedule sucks. But the music is awesome, and I'm living singing it. How often do you get to do a commission piece that's actually catchy?
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