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holiday! holiday! and Tipton book

I so totally, utterly need a holiday.

The office closes at 2 pm today. Shortly thereafter, I will be on a train to NYC, where I will hang with K. and eat and watch things. I don't know what things, but Things Will Be Watched.

I am reading a biography of Billy Tipton by Diane Middlebrook. Tipton was a jazz musician who disguised herself as a man as a late teen and lived the rest of her life that way; her disguise was discovered upon her death. She left no journals or direct writing about her role, either, only subtle jokes in the nightclub routines she performed. Cool, huh? The book, so far, has some interesting things to say about playing roles; Tipton hasn't even become a man yet, and it's already cool to see how she might have acquired her acting skill and the layers of her male persona. Newspaper article.

Looking at photos of her in male drag, to me she looks like a woman in drag, but as feklar and I discussed Monday night, we're a lot more used to seeing women in drag and butch women than people were during Tipton's period (she began to present as male in the mid-1930s), and of course we knew what we were looking at, too. However, in a couple of pictures of Tipton in old age, I thought she looked more male, perhaps because sagging skin disguised the softness of her jaw. If I didn't know, I might have accepted her as a babyfaced young man even in her younger years.

So cool. Hurrah for BookMooch, where I got this book!
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