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World Fantasy 2007 Report

1. I saw many people. Many, many people.

2. I signed an autograph! [In sarahtales's copy of So Fey, which might be a collector's item, given that Haworth seems to be out of copies and about 300 orders behind]

3. People sat down in chairs and listened to me read from the duchess novel! Like, ten of them or thereabouts! And a couple of them I didn't even know! And one I'd only met at CapClave, and she brought her husband, too!

4. One of the people I didn't know from the reading found me in the Crack Den (i.e., dealers' room) the next day and told me she'd liked my reading and that it was very hot. And shook her hand in a "woo, hot!" gesture. [blinks in amazement]

5. I got to meet lnhammer and janni! And they are so lovely!

6. I went to two readings on Friday: Lois McMaster Bujold (new book in current series) and Carol Emshwiller (new very meta story, which she was selling to Lady Churchill's). I made it to three readings Saturday: Patrick O'Leary (creepy AI story), Andy Duncan (a frizzled chicken named--no, I won't spoil it, the story was brilliantly funny), and Ysabeau Wilce (a Western zombie story, set in the same universe as Flora Segunda). I wanted to go to Jeff Ford's reading, but I had to eat sometime. Also missed John Crowley's reading. And, hell, everybody else's reading.

7. I heard Joe Bruchac tell ghost stories. He is the king of sound effects.

8. 1crowdedhour came to the Tor Party! After 9 pm! It was an amazing sight. We might never see its like again.

9. At the Prime Books party, I re-met someone I'd last met at the Boston Worldcon. I remembered her because of the spelling of her name, and remembered that's we'd had a good conversation, though not what it was about. She remembered me--well, I said something about the eunuchs in the novel, and how "their love is forbidden," and she said to her friend, "you see why I remembered her?" This time, we exchanged email addresses. Moo cards = very handy!

10. Endless amusement may be had by sitting comfortably in the lobby of the con hotel and beckoning others to your side.
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