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concert week begins

Rehearsal was good last night, despite lacking an accompanist, or perhaps because we lacked one. We did Schütz and Palestrina in the first half, one of which is a cappella and the other which can easily be sung so. The bits of the Palestrina still don't fit together entirely smoothly--it's a Wagner arrangement and there's a lot of shifting between solo, semi-chorus, and full chorus that doesn't come together as easily as you might think.

In second half, we did the other movement of Schütz and then our conductor played piano while we ran some of the Brahms' Requiem movements, particularly the soloist movements, so they could get a run before the dress rehearsal on Friday. Our conductor is a very, very good pianist and organist, and it was kind of cool to get what he wanted from us by the way he played. He only gestured a couple of times when tempi changed dramatically. Well, aside from having to slam the pages of his score down when it tried to close on him.

Call on Saturday is 6:30, which will possibly be tight, since I'm coming from workshop in Delaware. Then Sunday's concert is in the afternoon, a train ride away from home.
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