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brief radio silence approaches

Today is my last day at the dayjob! I start the new one on Monday, but am not sure what my internet access will be on my first day. I'll be gone to World Fantasy Thursday-Sunday, so am not sure if I'll be checking email then, either.

I will hopefully be nice and relaxed by the time I return.

Very, very tired right now. Despite being used to hearing sirens at night, last night was too much and kept me up--not only multiple sirens, but the loud "honk honk honk" of emergency vehicles that want you out of their way. Then the helicopters started. I assumed all this was related to the presidential debate happening in West Philly at Drexel University--perhaps escorts and news copters, though why could I see at least one copter from my window?--but no. Someone shot two people at 15th and Sansom, then was pursued by cops down to 22nd and Sansom (on foot, I assume), where he shot a cop in the shoulder. The shooter ended up jumping into the river, and the copters were looking for him. Someone told me this morning a body was fished out in the wee hours this morning. Here's the news report. A bit more lively than my neighorhood usually gets.

Also, missed getting my haircut after work yesterday, because of traffic and bus detours related to the debate. I plan to run out during lunch and have it done, crossing my fingers that the place near work knows how to barber.
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