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Read a cute Regency yesterday, Nancy Butler's The Ramshackle Suitor. Towards the end, it had all the intricacy, and possibly more, of a Georgette Heyer romp. If I were the author, I would've had to use diagrams. Though I guessed some elements of the ending, it was still fun to watch them slot into place. I was okay with some handy psychic dreams.

Other things I liked about it: Heroine (30) was older than hero (25). Hero was sweet, funny, youngest child of seven, and a rescuer of things, but also had flaws. Heroine spent a little time denying her feelings, but she had good reason for it, and never denied that she would like to have the hero, if only circumstances changed. And all of the characters, even the minor ones, had a touch of reality to them by the end.
Tags: books, regency, romance
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