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progress report

1532 was my daytime wordcount. I made a spreadsheet to keep track, as I'm adding to two different files, the compiled one (chapters 1-21) and chapter 22. It looks like there will need to be a chapter 23. To reach 90K, I need another 53 pages or so, just over 13K words. That's almost nine pages a day. We shall see how this goes. It doesn't need to be exact, just respectable.

Today, I added in a few tiny things to add character consistency, slipped in a few paragraphs of description that, I hope, also contributed to character development and/or worldbuilding, and figured out a way to show that even if a major character seems inactive now, it's because she's reacting to things that happened to her; before those things happened, she did more things.

I have gained writing time by sacrificing the close edits I usually give. The manuscript is going straight to an editor, so I will have to trust her to catch egregious stupidity.
Tags: the duchess

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