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This is a cool community run by natlyn with lots of juicy links: Thoughtful Fan.

"The types of articles thoughtfulfan is looking for:
Critical essays that examine some aspect (e.g., characters, premise, theme) of the show/movie/book. Can be academic in tone, but not necessary. Example: The Secret Origins of Jessica Jones:
Multiplicity, Irony and a Feminist Perspective on Brian Michael Bendis's Alias

Thoughtful explorations (essays or discussions) of some aspect (e.g., character motivations, episodes, weaponry) of the show/book/movie. Example: Money Talks: the portrayal of the wealthy on Gilmore Girls

Compilations/observations of aspects of the show that may provide insight into a character, plot lines, themes, etc. or prove/disprove common perceptions. Example: Daniel and Coffee

Humorous essays, art, or other work that comments on some aspect of the show and in so doing demonstrates insight/critical thought. Example: Ten vs Mal

Essays that compare and/or contrasts two or more shows/books/movies or aspects of two or more shows/books/movies. Example: Jean Grey, meet Jane Eyre

Essays that fills in the gaps left by canon through extrapolation from what we have been shown. Example: Sleep phase disorders and why the Atlantis expedition is so screwed

Rants that make insightful points. Example: The Designated Girlfriend."

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