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progress report

Net gain in wordcount yesterday was 2310 words. The material is fine; I am curious to see if any of it will show up in the revision letter, or need more line edits than other stuff, because I wrote so much faster.

Since I decided it was far too late to add a whole new subplot, I'm searching out places that were narrated rather than shown, and putting in scenes. The reason I didn't have scenes in some of those places was pov; for example, pov character in the chapter concerned couldn't have seen certain events with two others characters, so I just didn't write what happened to them. I've wriggled around that by having two flashbacks in two of the weaker chapters that are from the correct povs, and hopefully provide more character depth and, in one case, a substitute for a sex scene we're mostly not seeing. I'm not a big fan of flashbacks, so I guess it's time to learned how to do them. The only other one in the manuscript before this was a chapter on its own, so transitions were less of a problem.

Sang more Brahms last night, and Palestrina. Palestrina is very soothing to sing. My favorite Renaissance composer is still Josquin Des Prez (no, not Dead Prez, they're good too, but different!), but Palestrina is up there among my favorites, and just right sometimes.
Tags: the duchess, writing craft, writing progress
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