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yes, I am already thinking about this....

Since I plan to turn in the duchess manuscript by the end of October (so that I can properly enjoy World Fantasy, among other reasons), I will have to begin writing the second novel for Harlequin fairly soon.

Given that my brain is slow, I can't just start from nothing.

When I first heard the duchess novel was going to Acquisitions, to either be bought or to meet its maker, the line's editor asked for some brief (like, a paragraph) proposals for possible follow-up novels. The one I'd thought about most was based on "The Magnificent Threesome," so I included that, the Hades and Persephone novel I've been wanting to do if I could only figure out what it would be like, a science fiction scenario based on a very old novel attempt, and the thing I'd been working on before I had to go back to the duchess, which was a werewolf novel set during WWI, even though I'd intended that to be fantasy/romance, not erotica.

I'd sort of mentally assumed they'd want the cowboys, but I asked my editor anyway this week, along with some other questions. It was weird for me to realize I had no idea how it normally worked, to sell a to-be-named novel. I think just about everybody I know who's sold multiple novels in one go did so as part of a series. I had no idea when and how the editor would pick what I'd be working on for the next year or so.

It turns out, they already have a historical cowboys series. Not that my idea was going to be really historical, because it's more the 1960s television view of cowboys. But I digress. The ideas she liked most were the mythology one and the werewolf one. Since I submitted those ideas, I found that P.C. Cast had written a Hades romance (has anyone read it? Is it good?), so I decided the werewolf story would be best.

So I'm going with the werewolf, for now. I hadn't done more than one chapter, but I did have a lot of notes, including some for two additional characters, who will now prove even more useful. I just need at least one more woman, and I'll be set. I have to think if I still want first-person narrator. I don't think it will work to do the whole novel that way, as narrator can't be in every scene; I plan to show multiple pairings again (it offers more variety for me as writer as well as for the reader). I'm not sure how annoying it would be to have first person pov in some chapters and third in others. Overall, though, it should be easier (she says, with imaginary confidence) to make this erotica than to make it a "regular" novel, because I already know where the plot has to go. You know, towards climax. [heh]

My backbrain is already busy with it. And now I have an excuse to go back to reading books about WWI.
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