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Eve Silver, Elizabeth Guest, Laurie Marks

More vacation reading, which I'm finally reporting on:

Laurie Marks, Water Logic: ahh, happiness. I'm still letting it swirl around in my brain, but the main things I got were that the forward and back and around of water logic (advances and retreats and rethinking) is a necessary step in the long, arduous process of reconciliation, and victories always come with terrible losses, and and sometimes victories aren't possible without terrible losses.

On a completely different note, one of my reviews was quoted in the blurbs, though not by my name.

Elizabeth Guest, Night Life: I bought it because it had a good review and because the heroine was an Egyptologist; the hero is a former pharaoh, still living through complex reasons of the plot. Alas, it was a "we were destined! I dreamed of you thousands of years ago!" romance, and those always bore me, because as far as I could tell, these two people had absolutely no basis for a real relationship, and any conflicts they should have had, leading to a real relationship, were ignored because they were destined. I couldn't finish it. The Egypt part was interesting, though.

Eve Silver, Dark Desires: A Victorian England historical, with heroine who's an artist and a hero who is an anatomist who can't draw! Their love is destined, but in a good way that the author shows us instead of telling us. It's totally a Gothic, except the heroine defies that Joanna Russ essay ("Someone's Trying to Kill Me and I Think It's My Husband") by being active. Otherwise, it follows the Gothic plot pretty closely. There is much juicy angst as well. It was fun.
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