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progress report

Last night's word count: 603, finishing off draft chapters fifteen and eighteen. I have notes for fourteen but haven't started it yet, ditto sixteen except there are fewer notes, and seventeen was done some time ago. I am now trying to finish the draft by the end of October. Choir rehearsals start the 19th instead of the 12th, so I get an extra night there for writing, hurrah!

Looking over what I had last night, both fifteen and eighteen were complete except for the sex scenes, which were between the ingenue stableboy and characters other than the Duchess. The word count on those chapters already approached 3000, which seems to be the natural average length for this novel. So I decided not to be as elaborate with those sex scenes as I'd planned to be, focusing more on dialogue. This will also serve as a break from other chapters in which it's hot action almost all the way. Also, I feel a lot better having finished two chapters in one night, which is important, too. If the editor with whom it ends up wants more there, then I can do that then.

I remembered to print copies of 13, 15, 17, and 18 as well.

Nothing more on the job search, except me applying for a couple of part-time positions that sounded like fun. I wrote extensive cover letters telling them why I wanted part-time and how I would be good for the jobs, so if they even look at the cover letters, some of their questions will be answered. I really wish some of those places I interviewed would get back to me. Like, with boo turkey. I'd take a rejection if I could just get an answer.

My choir re-audition went fine, though I was nervous as usual, possibly more so since the work day was very tense, and then I had to wait a bit once I was in the room. Once I got started, I was okay. The sightreading piece was lovely.
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