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Carla Jablonski, Silent Echoes: though, in the end, I felt it was a bit too tidy an ending, I enjoyed a lot of things about this book, particularly the historical detail and its attention to class and gender issues of the late nineteenth century. Also, girls work together! Lucy Phillips works with her father to con rich people by pretending to be a medium, during the heydey of the spiritualist movement in 1882. She's shocked to actually hear a voice in her head, a girl named Lindsay Miller, who is terribly worried about her addict mother and new stepfather. Lucy thinks Lindsay is dead. Lindsay, who is actually alive in our era, thinks she is schizophrenic. Gradually, they discover the truth and begin to help each other with their problems. I especially liked that Jablonski showed nineteenth century birth control activists and showed how thinking about those issues changed the way Lucy thought about herself.

Staton Rabin, The Curse of the Romanovs: I didn't like this one, as the historical detail was very shallow, especially compared to the Jablonski book. The last Romanov prince, using a method given him by Rasputin, travels forward in time, meets a girl who's studying hemophilia because her father died from related causes, and with her help tries to save his family from massacre. They have a romance for no apparent reason. The ending was almost unbearably twee; also, I was bothered by the wacky Russian-style diction. Read something else instead.
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