oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

yes, still boring

Spent the weekend shopping.

1. Did not find suitable replacement for interview dress, despite spending all Saturday looking.

2. After trying two different remedies, the dress' paint stain is mostly gone, but still visible. Oh, well. I can still wear it with the crocheted shrug. Now am in possession of bottle of useful nasty stain remover.

3. Purchased box wrench of possibly the right size (I need mm, and they were only sold in fractions of inches) to remove hex bolts and replace wheels of my wheelie tote. Box wrench wasn't (quite) the right size.

4. Next day, purchased small wrench to attempt to remove hex bolts. There's no room to manipulate it inside the tote, nor get a good grip.

5. Bought soft rinse for laundry. Discovered I already had next bottle of soft rinse. Forgot to buy detergent. Discovered am nearly out of detergent. Of course.

6. On Saturday, found many appropriately-sized flat sheets in the discount store. Also sheet sets. No fitted sheets. Guess what I needed? Gave up and bought set on Sunday. Spent too much money, despite niceness of sheets.

7. My answering machine coughed its last on Sunday, the day after I'd spent most of a day in the mall. feklar was very kind and drove me to a Radio Shack, and I purchased a new one. Will find out soon if it works. Someone must call me to test. After stain, wheelie tote adventures, and moving furniture to install answering machine, was too wearied to call anyone and request help.

8. Weather is blech.

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