oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

this better not be an omen.

I was so nervous last night about today's interview it took me forever to get to sleep, and then, when I arrived at work, someone noticed a smear of [greenish-gray industrial] paint on my [black] dress sleeve. I think it had to come off the bus shelter, which of course bore no "wet paint" sign, and I don't remember even touching it.

Washing was to no avail, so I scraped off some with a scissors blade, then we covered it with black permanent marker. Luckily, the smear is not right on the front of the sleeve. I don't think it shows enough to be noticed now, but oh, my equilibrium! I feel like cursing and crying. Instead, I will get some coffee and do a little research before I go to the interview. Oh, and try to get some of my actual current job work done.

I hope I can turpentine the stain off later. This is a very useful dress.

I am grateful I wasn't wearing my $300 jacket at the time.
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