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I finished Elizabeth Wein's A Coalition of Lions yesterday, which I really enjoyed. It's from the pov of Goewin, daughter of Artos, who's had to flee Britain for Aksum after the deaths of her family. The Aksumite ambassador, Priamos, travels with her and guards her, and then she must deal with Constantine, her father's heir and her affianced husband, who is currently serving as the Aksumite emperor's regent. This may sound confusing, but it's really not. I was swept along in Goewin's emotions for the whole book. It's also the first appearance of Telemakos, protagonist of The Sunbird.

I didn't enjoy The Winter Prince as much, and I think it had to do with three things: one, that it was a first novel, and felt a little disjointed to me at times; two, I'd already read Wein's later novels, and of course this one hadn't yet reached that level of accomplishment; and three, knowing the story of Mordred/Medraut, I could guess that he wasn't going to achieve his main goal, or what he thought was his main goal. He did achieve a goal, and a good one, after a sequence that reminded me, again, of Dorothy Dunnett, a bit in the last section of The Game of Kings. The author's notes say The Winter Prince was composed over a long period; I think that made it more episodic, and is why I didn't get swept along like I have with her other novels. It was still quite good. I suspect I would have liked it even more had I not read her very superior The Sunbird first.

Anyway, I recommend these books.
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