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Sarah Beth Durst, Into the Wild: this is a lot of fun. The Wild, which forces everything it can get its hands on into a story, is living beneath Julie's bed. Julie's mom escaped the Wild and brought all her friends with her, long ago, and has been guarding The Wild ever since. You can see where this is going, right? The Wild escapes, of course, and it's up to Julie to save her mom and her town. I was actually scared a couple of times.

Elizabeth Wein, The Lion Hunter: agh the story is split in the middle! Telemakos is left in peril! Otherwise, a very good book, absorbing and emotionally engaging. I wish the cliffhanger ending had been announced at the front end, though. I was unprepared, as the book before this, The Sunbird, was complete in itself.

I am not an overwhelming fan of Arthuriana, but I love Wein's take on it, especially in the Telemakos books; he is related to Artos, but lives in the African kingdom of Aksum (essentially, Ethiopia & Eritrea) and goes through terrible, exciting perils. Upon finishing The Sunbird, in which Telemakos is a pre-teen spy for the emperor of Aksum, I had a flash memory of how I felt reading Dorothy Dunnett, only these books are much shorter, of course, and not nearly so wacked.
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