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Readercon 2007

I am totally not going to attempt to list everyone I saw and talked to at Readercon; I tried it once, and the list was really, really long. I don't think I can even list all the people I had meals or drinks with. Since I didn't have a cold this time, I felt a lot better and socialized a lot more. I did a kaffeeklatsch, talked with jenwrites instead of reading, led one panel, and served on two panels. The one I led meandered somewhat, but then the topic wasn't entirely conducive to a directed discussion, and since the audience seemed engaged, I let it meander. The other two went well; it was nice to have a good long time to recover between them. I think better when I have recovery time.

Top Ten (Well, First Ten to come to mind) Memories of Readercon 18:

1. Yummy, yummy fried catfish at Redbones with veejane. And at last delivering unto her the fourth series of Blake's 7.

2. Two Thai ice teas in a row will wake you up. For almost two hours.

3. The Thursday evening start date made the whole con seem a lot longer than it was. Friday felt like Saturday.

4. Korean barbecue! Which we found without resorting to calling up ceciliatan on her cell phone.

5. ZOMGWTF! The Spiderwick movie has a preview and everything! Freaky, dude. [hands flask to blackholly]

6. I seem to have developed a habit of sorting a writer's output into thematic or technique-oriented piles when I've read a lot of it in a row.

7. No, I do not want to play Mafia. Ya'll have fun, though.

8. No one ever believes that Laura Kinsale's plots are real.

9. Hot sticker-on-girl action!

10. Talking about the half-book submission to other writers, and having them understand.
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