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DR. WHO 3.13

I felt a letdown with this one. Not sure if it's the episode's fault, or because the buildup took two episodes already, or because I knew there had to be retcon at the end or else change the show's format, which wasn't going to happen.

1. feklar described the episode's turning point as a "Tinkerbell moment." Bwahahahaha! Yeah. I do like that the humans mostly save themselves. I think Davies likes that, too.

2. Gollum!Doctor! In a bird cage! I could totally see the Master putting the Doctor in a bird cage--fantasizing about it for years beforehand, even--but the execution was just a bit silly. If I were eight years old, maybe less so.

3. Why can't anyone on television figure out a way to get rid of a body besides making an elaborate pyre and burning it? Or was the Darth Vader allusion deliberate? And, naturally, they can bring him back if they need to.

4. I'm glad Martha didn't become a killer. That's right for the character. But I wanted even more from her in the area of kicking butt. Not sure what, but something. I loved that she had a groupie. He was cute. I hope they get to together, now that he's not been killed in an alternate universe. I also liked the butch female wacky professor (butch mainly in looks, but she was still cute, and I wouldn't mind seeing her back).

5. Jack chained up and dirty, subject to whatever torture the Master can devise? I'm sure the fanfic is already online.

6. Martha giving the Doctor her cell phone! Yes, she is the smartest companion ever. I expect to see her again next series, even if not in every episode.

7. Lucy shooting the Master--they wouldn't let any of the "good" characters do it. I guess the idea was supposed to be that she'd been traumatized by him, eventually, and she was playing it that way throughout the episode. But maybe her evil will later be recovered! That would be cool!

8. The Doctor angst was pretty good. I like the way David Tennant does angst. He saved several scenes that way. It could've been silly, the Master holding his breath until he turned blue refusing to regenerate, but I was involved in the scene and the attendant emotion. Yay for the actors.

9. Not sure if Martha's parents should actually stay together or not, but I would love to see the story of their year and how they interacted with each other that led to that result. And what was Leo up to that year? Could they not afford him as well as Tish?

10. Face of Boe? Well, it could make sense of that line about "The Face of Boe is pregnant."

Gah, now I have to wait until Christmas.

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