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progress report

As of yesterday, I am editing the first twelve chapters of the draft, because my agent would like to see if the editor will commit to buying based on that much.

Last night I reached page 48. I'm still in the initial 3 proposal chapters; the first chapter was immaculate (for this purpose), but I could tell I'd written the other two in a hurry, and though I cleaned them up at the time, that was without knowing how the novel's shape would go. The chapters after this will no doubt need even more.

Still, editing is usually easier than drafting, for me. And it's satisfying, like scratching an itch.

My office is supposed to close early today. I have the printout with me, so I can go work as soon as I leave here.

I think I'm going to do this edit all on my own. Even after the edits, it won't be complete, and I find I have an aversion to showing it for critique in that state.
Tags: business of writing, the duchess

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