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DR. WHO 3.11

3.11, "Utopia."

I didn't get a chance to draw a breath in this one; I liked it a lot. I think I'll put all my comment behind a cut. Except this one: QUARRY! WOO!!!

Derek Jacobi I love you so much if I met you I would hug you and squeal loudly! In my mind, at least. I wouldn't want to scare him.

Was that Roger Delgado's voice speaking from the watch? Because it sure as hell sounded like him. I need to watch it again, it went by pretty fast.

Nice tie-in, with the watch, incidentally. At first I thought it was the same watch from "Human Nature," but of course it didn't have to be, and it makes more sense if it was just another one.

Professor Yana had a totally Time Lord outfit on. Considering how far in the future he was supposed to be.

I wanted Martha to have more to do, but I also enjoyed having loose ends tied up with Jack. Maybe she has more to do next week? I hope? She has profound angst at the end! That must continue!

I don't think Martha understands about regeneration yet. She was so shocked and amazed about the hand--I think that will help her understand regeneration when the topic arises again, but I don't think any further thought has occurred to her yet.

I liked the discomfort between the Doctor and Jack--so much more interesting than mere happy reunion. Yay happy Jack is back! I liked his flirting sequence: Martha, random hot guy, Chantho.

Yay, Chantho, for shooting the Master for he is EVIL! I think that enabled the regeneration. I will miss the Evil Yana, but John Simm will be good, too.

Theory about Jack: We know he won't stay, since he has another season of Torchwood. So he decides he doesn't want to give up being immortal because he can do more good as an immortal (also, the excitement of seeing the future, which he reveals in this ep). For that reason, he can't stay with the Doctor. It would be cooler if he did give it up, or had to give it up, right after he's accepted he wants to keep it.

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