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DR. WHO 3.10, "Blink"

I liked "Blink" lots. Steven Moffatt has a knack for making weird ideas work, and making them scary, and in this episode, it looks like he did it relatively cheaply as well! [Contemporary setting, only four monsters, no CGI, at least none that I saw.] Also, the Doctor had some brilliantly funny lines, which I would quote if I'd written them down, but I didn't. Just don't think too hard about the logic of the plot--if I were aliens such as those in this episode, I would want to hang out somewhere with a much larger guaranteed food supply. Maybe they don't need much.

Can also recommend the Dr. Who Confidential for the week--David Tennant intelligently interviews people in the tv business about their childhood watching of the show and how it influenced them going into television as adults; some very cute geeking goes along with this. There's only a little commentary on "Blink" itself, probably because it was easier to make than some of the other episodes. There's a teaser for next week's episode of Confidential (3.11) with clips of interviews with its special guest star, as well.
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