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progress report

535 last night on chapter 17. The previous chapter 17 is now chapter 16, so I have a couple of pages on each. In sequence, I'm on chapter 13, and it's tricky--the main character has to do something unpleasant to avoid detection and death--and I'm still figuring out how to spin the events so they're less upsetting for the reader, while still being difficult for the characters.

Anybody have any input on that? Have you seen dangerous/humiliating/awful things happen to heroes/heroines in romance or erotica? How did the author handle it?

I'll poke at chapter 13 every time I sit down, but if it doesn't fly, I'll jump ahead and do something else. Wordcount must happen, or I'll be at this for a year. I want the completed manuscript sent off before September, earlier if I can manage it.
Tags: the duchess

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