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new anthology & essay

The [Haworth] webpage went up for Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures, edited by Lynne Jamneck. [edited to add: the anthology was eventually published by Lethe Press.]

"Featured in Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures are:
-Marianne de Pierres, who takes you into a half-dream world of bliss
-Nicola Griffith and her moving exploration of art, genius, sex, trust, and how love can throw them all into chaos
-Gwyneth Jones's intimate look at what freedom means—and what it takes
-Kristyn Dunnion, whose protagonists’ calls for liberation mean the monkey wrenching of a nightmarish capitalist system
-Lyda Morehouse and her eye-opening world where prostitution is beyond legal—it’s sacred
-Kiera Dellacroix's probe into the very genes of humanity for what evolution may grant to a select few and the unexpected consequences of such gifts
-Melissa Scott and her time-bending story of love lost and love found
-Carolyn Ives Gilman's delicate examination of the tenuous balance struck by freedom and love
-Elspeth Potter, whose mecha-clad soldiers battle and explore more than just forbidden alliances
and even more!"

My goodness. They remembered to mention me, after all those other people?

Also, I have an essay on writing erotica at the Circlet Press website, called Making It Good. It's compiled from posts I made in my LJ a while back.
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