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one of them numbered posts

1. Two dress rehearsals + two concerts in one week = exhaustion.

2. We arrived at the church for Sunday's concert to discover that their organ had no keyboards. They'd sent them to London to be fixed. Without telling us. Right. Piano isn't the same, especially for a creepy piece using Poe, but we perservered. I wonder how much money they will refund us? Acoustic in that church is gorgeous, so I hope we sing there again, but they better make it right. We pay for organ; if there isn't one, and we need it, we pay to rent one and have it delivered. I guess I am more annoyed than I thought...I feel like our small non-profit got screwed. Even though the audience didn't seem to mind; there were no cries of outrage.

3. Very small audiences; had a hard time selling this one, I think because it was graduation weekend for so many. Not a good choice of dates. But the music was excellent. Yay, Philadelphia composers! The audience clapped. One person told me it was his favorite concert since "Northern Lights." We won a prize for "Northern Lights."

4. I feel like I had no weekend.

5. I don't feel like doing anything except curling up and retreating into books, with occasional naps. Alas, this is not to be.
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