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DR. WHO 3.05

"The Evolution of the Daleks"

I really wish people would use evolution correctly in science fiction. But I guess "The Further Directed Mutation of the Daleks" or "The Attempt At Chimeric Daleks" really don't have the same ring.

I was waiting for the Dalek to exterminate Solomon. It had to happen. It always happens. But it was still a good moment.

Saving Lazlo? I liked that he lived, but felt too much resonance with the end of "The Doctor Dances," so the moment didn't sing for me as much as if he'd simply survived on his own, with all the rest of the pig guys getting fried in the elevator. [suppresses evil humor about pork rinds]

I was hoping the Doctor would not grab onto the lightning rod...please, no...but he did. [sigh] We'll just pass over the science of all that, won't we? And a prolonged lightning strike will not only not cause regeneration, but not burn a Time Lord's clothing? [backing away slowly]

Martha has now caused the death of others--she'll never be the same.

How did the Daleks chain up Dalek Sec? And why? Why not just exterminate him immediately? Are they Daleks with a sense of drama? [do they like musical theater?]

As for the Doctor deciding to help Dalek Sec...at first, I wasn't convinced, but then I thought about it, and I could see it. It would be a final victory over the Daleks if they changed and regained emotions. Something would be salvaged from the ruins of the Time War. And the Doctor's always had a soft spot for new species. He couldn't destroy the baby Daleks in "Genesis of the Daleks," and he couldn't destroy a new sort of baby Dalek here. It was already too late for the human bodies, and we know from first season how he feels about bodies with nobody home in them.

Yay, a Dalek survived! Though one, at least, must always survive. The franchise owes them.

From the Confidential: I want a cutout Dalek on a stick!!!

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