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Free Library Sale!

I have LOOT from the Free Library's annual sale. I spent about eight dollars, total.

Elizabethan Fiction, edited Ashley and Moseley.

Graywolf Annual 6: Stories from the Rest of the World, edited Scott Walker [looked like mostly stories by African and Middle Easter authors].

West With the Night, Beryl Markham [a memoir].

Night of Many Dreams, Gail Tsukiyama [novel; of the characters an actress in Chinese films].

The Rose Garden Husband, Margaret Widdemer [a sentimental romance, published 1914!]

John le Carré: The Spy Who Came In From the Cold; Smiley's People; The Looking Glass War; A Murder of Quality. [ I read these when I was far, far too young for them and have little memory of them...reread!]

Moving Target, Elizabeth Lowell [romance/suspense].

The Edge of Midnight, Beverly Jenkins [I've read one of her historicals, but none of the romantic suspense--not sure when she switched.]

Devil's Daughter, Catherine Coulter [started this one, not thrilled so far, but a friend likes her historicals].

Dr. Who: The Infinity Doctors, Lance Parkin [35th anniversary of DR novel].

Constance Ash: The Horse Girl; The Stalking Horse; The Stallion Queen [fantasy].

The Black Flame, Lynn Abbey [fantasy].

The Harem of Anan Akbar, Elizabeth Scarborough [fantasy].

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