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DR. WHO 3.04

"Daleks in Manhattan." Really, you can't beat that title.

I like the historical elements a lot--Hooverville in Central Park, the Empire State Building under construction, the two men who had fought in World War One.

A little heavy handed that Solomon breaks the bread in half--unless "Solomon" is a nickname, which would make sense in a Hooverville, sort of like Hoboes had nicknames. Most of the black troops in WWI didn't get to fight, incidentally; they were shunted into support, dealing with supplies and burials and the like.

The Daleks went beautifully with the Empire State Building, style-wise.

I hope Tallulah and Lazslo get to be together in the end. Even if he does need a trip to the dentist.

I had a thought about the Daleks. People always die in Dalek episodes, often in attacks that seem hopeless. But in the end, the humans triumph, and make a future from what's left after the devastation. Makes me think of England in WWII and Churchill speeches.
Tags: dr.who, tv

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