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DW Audio, "Seasons of Fear"

Big Finish DR. WHO Audio, "Seasons of Fear" [30]

A new format for this one--the Doctor does some first-person narration, which I liked, because it gave me not only a bit more of his character but some scene description as well. The story ranges over several time periods in pursuit of a single baddie. It's by Paul Cornell, and has some great dialogue. Overall, it's one of the best I've heard so far.

Charley: "Another opportunity to wear a nice dress!"
The Doctor: "--Be a bit conspicuous, wouldn't it?"
Charley: "Another opportunity for me."

Note it has a cliffhanger ending, leading into the next story.

Mithras! Roman soldiers in Britain with culturally appropriate views on their religion!

Edward the Confessor and Queen Edith! (with the same voices as the butler and cook in "The Chimes of Midnight"). Bonus points for Edward the Possibly Gay and Edith the Flirty.

The Doctor gets tortured by the baddie, oh noes! We cannot see him shirtless afterwards, oh noes!

Nimon! Nimon! Nimon!

List of DW audio titles and their chronology in relation to the television series.
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