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DR. WHO 3.3

Thanks to feklar, I saw episode 3.3 ("Gridlock") last night. To me, it felt like another one of those Russell Davies episodes that he'd written mainly as filler between the big Shakespeare episode with all its location shoots and the upcoming two-parter; filler, that is, that still contributed a few things towards the season arc. Martha starts out the episode in a passive role, following the Doctor along, but at the end she takes charge and demands information which she needs. I'll be interested to see how this event will affect future episodes.

I liked the surreality of all the individual worlds inside the capsules/cars. Also, the kittens in the basket? Awwwwwwwwwww.

Shout-out to the Macra!

And go Martha for prying some ANSWERS out of the Doctor! Not many companions have been able to do that! Also, lovely acting from David Tennant both the times he's talking about Gallifrey. Oh, he is very much NOT healed from that trauma. And he shouldn't be, not yet. I wonder if he told Martha that he destroyed the Daleks? I'm guessing not--he seemed more in a "remembrance of good things past" mood than "let's revisit my trauma!"

I predicted the Face of Boe saying "You are not alone." The Doctor can't believe that in any way at all, I don't think. Not yet. He's Denial Boy.

I hope the production team has finally gotten their money's worth from that Boe puppet.

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