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DW Audio, "Invaders from Mars" and "Living Legend"

Big Finish DR. WHO Audio, "Invaders from Mars" [28] and "Living Legend" [29a]

These were a blast--"Invaders from Mars" features John Houseman and Orson Welles as characters (played by Jonathan Rigby and David Benson) and takes place in 1938 New York City, particularly fun because I listened to it while on the train leaving NYC. This time, the cheesy gangster accents were appropriate. "Living Legend" is a short story set in 1982 Italy in which the Doctor and Charley rout some alien invaders; I laughed out loud a couple of times. I recommend these.

"Invaders from Mars"
1. So, the queer guy is the bad guy, but it doesn't seem to be because he's queer, so I can deal with that.

2. The music they used for scene breaks was in the style of 1930s radio shows.

3. I loved the Mercury Theatre actors complaining how no one listened to their show. Orson Welles was a trip and a half.

4. Simon Pegg did a voice in this one, but he was just about unrecognizable due to his "American gangster" accent.

5. The aliens were comic, and reflected the "brainy boss" and "violent sidekick" pattern of the human gangsters.

"Living Legend"
Charley made a really, really funny pompous Time Lady.

List of DW audio titles and their chronology in relation to the television series.
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