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shaking the tree

I wrote while I was on vacation, for the first time, really, since mid-November. Why so long a break? Aside from a couple of quick scribbles, I didn't have anything to write. I thought I did, but my session Friday told me I don't really have what I need to write this novel. I started, regardless (this was start number three, overall), and after about a thousand words I started over somewhere else, because there was no zing to the scene I was writing. It was boring, and didn't tell anything about the character, and didn't involve the emotions. If it didn't involve my imagination, it certainly wouldn't involve a reader's. My second attempt was somewhat better than the first, thankfully, but it still wasn't how I wanted to start.

I have a scene in mind, and it's a good and true scene, but I couldn't figure out how to make it happen. I still can't. Part of the problem is a major one: is a major character whom we will never see alive or dead? I thought, alive, then, no he dies at the beginning, then, isn't that melodramatic? maybe he's alive. This makes a big difference to the narrator.

So I've been thinking about those things. And last night, I wondered if I really had the right first-person narrator.

The way to find out? Is to write. To try out that other pov and see if it works better. Also, to do what I did long ago with another project, and write some scenes out of order, to take out the stress of trying to find the ideal opening scene. Also, to overcome the fear of starting again. Because it is fear, every time. The fear of will this be any good? And every time, it must be overcome.
Tags: writing craft, writing process

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