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DR. WHO 3.01: "Smith and Jones"

I have now seen "Smith and Jones," and I was happy with it; I'll give them a bye on following the same pattern as "Rose" for now, so long as the rest of the season isn't a recap.

Marthamarthamartha! And she has a tattoo!

Martha's family seemed very real to me. I am looking forward to seeing more of them. Even, perhaps, the Orange Girlfriend (I also noted the dad's midlife crisis convertible).

The villain and her straw--I laughed and laughed. She was the most awesome hemovore ever.

The Doctor was TOTALLY FLIRTING AND ENTICING HIS NEW COMPANION TO COME WITH HIM. Come on! Leaning against the corner of a building, smiling mysteriously, disappearing around the corner? Pulling out the old line about "traveling in time"? Really, Doctor. "Just one trip," my fat arse.

I cracked up when he mouthed along with Martha's "it's bigger on the inside!" That was brilliant.

At least all that Time Lord/companion attraction is out of the way now. It was good to have the attraction up front this time so it isn't, as with Rose, lurking stupidly and annoyingly because you know nothing will come of it.

"I'm barefoot on the moon!" How loopy and dear!

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