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life update

No, I have not watched "Smith and Jones," the first of the new series of Dr. Who, yet. Hopefully tonight.

My sole accomplishment this weekend was cleaning out and purging my closet, which is a pretty good accomplishment. The weekend's reading included Terry Pratchett's Lords and Ladies, with occasional feelings I'd read it before, but I'm pretty sure I hadn't; I think I'd skimmed through it in bookstores more than once trying to decide if I'd read it, so I was familiar with some bits. Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot. I also finished reading Louise Brooks' collection Lulu in Hollywood, looked again at the Tiptree biography and decided it was too heavy to carry on my trip this week, and played mahjong (badly).

Wednesday, I'm off to NYC for a few days of museuming [my own coinage] and trying to meet up with a lot of different people. Not sure if I'll be online during that time; probably not. I have a writing date with R., so hopefully I'll be writing fiction instead of journal entries!

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