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DW Audio, "Minuet in Hell"

Big Finish DR. WHO Audio, "Minuet in Hell" [19]

Oh, the pain of those fake American accents! I assume they were trying to distinguish them for the listener, but did we really need an imitation Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard as the grandfather of a black and white movie gun moll? I was amused that the flattest of the American accents (still fake to my ear) used several Britishisms in her slang. The story was set in the new "51st State," of the U.S., which seemed to be the present time or a bit in the past (camcorder, VCR, modem sounds with email). The accents confused things for me, a bit, and I eventually gave up on placing a distinct time. "Eastern Standard Time" is mentioned, and "a hem of mountains," so the new state is probably an isolated chunk of the Appalachians, somewhere south of Virginia. There's a strong element of television Christianity from the corrupt politician who is the main villain, as well, which seemed like a reference to Jim Bakker (whose name I never thought I would type, ever, for any reason).

[rant] You know the corrupt politician is evil because he addresses a single person as "ya'll." Clearly he'd been taken over by evil forces at some point in his life. It's plural, ya'll!!! You all. [/rant]

As usual, the plot was a bizarre mishmash, but I still liked this one a lot, for several reasons, which I detail behind the cut.

1. The Brigadier! The Brigadier! The Brigadier!

2. The Brigadier! Alas, he and the Doctor didn't get to chat until the last bit, but it was a lovely chat, and I wanted to cuddle both of them to my heart.

3. The 8th Doctor was Mad. Mad, I say, or at least slightly disassembled and very confused. He did all kinds of cool things with his voice that I hadn't heard before.

4. I liked Charley much better in this one. Her plot was dumb, but she got to meet up with Becky Lee (she of the movie gun moll voice) who was sort of Buffy/Giles/those militant priests against the supernatural in all the horror movies I haven't seen. Charley was spunky this time without being annoying.

5. Becky Lee! She was a cool character, despite her bizarre and geographically untraceable accent.

6. The Brigadier!

Continuity note: There's a mention, in passing, of Grace from the tv movie, as well as several other past companions from both the tv and audio series.

List of DW audio titles and their chronology in relation to the television series.

Back to the real world now. [sigh]
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