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DW Audio, "The Stones of Venice"

Big Finish DR. WHO Audio, "The Stones of Venice" [18]

I listened to "The Stones of Venice" on my MP3 player while doing various laundry-related tasks and going up and down stairs. Since the play has a lot of sound effects--mostly distant crowd noise and music--this was sometimes diconcerting. I kept thinking, "is that sound real, or in my earbuds?"

I believe this is the third story with the 8th Doctor and Charley. I am loving Eight, but Charley not so much, despite the actress being quite good. My reasons are vague and ill-formed, and of course I haven't had much material to form opinions with. That said, Charley seems to be trying to bit too hard to be intrepid, more than her ability and knowledge will allow, at least in the alien and/or futuristic situations she's encountering. Sometimes, she seems dismissive of the Doctor and his methods, and though she generally sides with the underdogs, I feel she has the faintest tinge of British imperialism. I suspect she's going to be in for a nasty shock when something happens to really shake her 1930s point of view. I think I will like her better if that happens. (Perhaps I am overthinking this!)

The setup is neat: the final destruction of Venice, as it sinks into the sea, with crowds of revelers waiting for the last days. The main plot about Venice being "cursed" and its outcome seemed a bit dumb to me, too much mixing of sf and fantasy, though the requisite Head Cultist in Hooded Robe had a really awesome deep voice. Another sfnal element, the evolved fish (now amphibious and very humanlike) who appear to have taken over the Gondoliers' Union, seemed to be there mainly to give Charley a plotline and to conveniently provide mayhem when needed. Except for them, the story could have been set in present-day Venice.

Not that one likes Dr. Who for its plots....

List of DW audio titles and their chronology in relation to the television series.



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