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The 25th Anniversary concert is past and I feel fine.

My two (yes, two) anxiety dreams about the 25th Anniversary concert did not come to pass--there were indeed people in the audience, a quite respectable number of them, more even than it looked like (the synagogue in which we sang is huge). Nor did we have major screwups and have to start over and over, nor did I suddenly come upon pages that were totally unfamiliar. In fact, by mid-warmup, we actually had light! In the dress rehearsals, it was so dim I was having trouble seeing the top line of the page if my score was tilted one way, and the bottom line if it was tilted the other. Considering how fast the fugues in the Mendelssohn go, one doesn't have time to puzzle out the text or remember which phrase repetition you're on. But in the end, they put a couple of spots high up on the organ loft and aimed them down at us. Fiat lux! I then got a little bit of shadow, but it was much better.

I didn't manage to spot tssandwich and ratphooey out in the audience, but I hope they got good acoustics! I did see ericaceous, who was ushering and listened through some of the warmup; she was up in the balcony during the actual performance, and apparently the sound was great up there.

I didn't feel perfectly settled into the Elgar-with-organ we sang for opener, which was a showcase for the ginormous Rodeph Shalom organ. It seemed to start too quickly, and I sang it fine, and I imagine it all sounded fine out in the audience, but it didn't have any strong emotional power that I could find. The Panufnik commission went very well. I'm never sure how many people in the audience really like the commissions and how many are just waiting for the Mendelssohn...but Roxana liked it, and she's the one who matters. In the intermission, I had a chance to speak to her briefly; she was clearly full of pleased energy. The Mendelssohn was a fitting end, I think. That one, I did feel the rush of it, energy pouring out of my mouth, a kind of ecstasy. If you can think very fast and count and all that while ecstatic. All in all, a most satisfying performance. Now for the hard part: saying goodbye to it.

Wednesday, new music.
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