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Lunacon 50

Despite having to travel farther, it was lovely to have Lunacon back at the Rye Hilton, sometimes known as the Escher Hilton, or in my mind, the Hotel Castrovalva.

Lunacon was my third convention in three months, so I was a bit tired and wasn't sure I wanted to go, but was pretty sure that once I got there I'd have fun, and I did have fun. I traveled early enough on Friday that, though sleet rattled on the train most of the way, I beat the worst of the storm. The only trouble I had was getting a cab from the Rye train station to the hotel, as due to the weather, cabs were in short supply. I'd brought a list of phone numbers for cab companies in Rye, though, and that helped. By Sunday, the fallen snow wasn't much of a problem for public transportation, and my Amtrak train was only about fifteen minutes late. MetroNorth was right on time!

As usual, I spent most of my time talking to people I knew, and more people, and more people. I met paleologa's good friend A. and kradical's lovely friend Sarah Beth Durst. I also had a fun dinner Saturday night spent geeking about Dr. Who.

I, umm, didn't go to any panels that I wasn't on, or readings in which I was not a participant. I sort of intended to go, but didn't, and the readings in which I was interested conflicted with committments.

All in all, a fun con, and everyone I saw seemed to be having fun as well. Such a lovely change from last year's hotel problems that made everything so difficult, from eating to program!
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