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How you found your Friends.

When I was reading my Friends list this morning, I had a curious thought--how do people find new journals to read?

There are of course the people you know either in person or from years online. I sometimes find new journals to read who are friends of theirs, whom I come across in comments or by perusing others' friends lists. There are people who read my journal and comment, and I read them in return, and so on. I'm curious how it works for other people.

* = have met in person;

Met in person or online before I started my LJ or they started theirs, and added later: *14theditch; *1crowdedhour; *alisgray; *altariel; *annesible; *auroramama; *aynjel; *barbarienne; *barkley; *bedawyn; *blackholly; *cabell; *ceciliatan; *deadlined; *deliasherman; *desayunoencama; *ejvc; *ericaceous; *feklar; *filomancer; *frostokovich; *gaudior; *geekturnedvamp; *grahamsleight; *jon_chance; *justinelavaworm; *kalypso_v; *kestrelsan; *klingonguy; *koimistress; *lawbabeak; *lmarley; *lyda222; lynnejamneck; *madrobins; *malkingrey; *maya_a; *mroctober; *natlyn; *paleologa; *pantryslut; *parttimedriver; *plasticsturgeon; *pointoforigin; *ratphooey; *robgates; *sacchig; *sidewinder; *slithytove; *stakebait; *suzych; *swimtech; *trifles; *tssandwich; *tyellas; *yuki_onna

Met through a mutual non-LJ project: ccfinlay; janni; sartorias

Met through LJ posts, comments, friends of friends: *batwrangler; *beth_bernobich; *brisingamen; *buymeaclue; casperflea; *coffeeandink; *daedala; *fjm; *heresluck; *jaylake; *jenwrites; jonquil; kassrachel; *kate_nepveu; *kateelliott; ktempest; lnhammer; *loligo; *marthawells; *matociquala; minnow1212; *misia; *naominovik; *nineweaving; *oyceter; *rachelmanija; riemannia; *rilina; *rushthatspeaks; the_red_shoes; *theodosia; *truepenny; *veejane; *wen_spencer; *yhlee

Stalking: *crowleycrow

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