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busy weekend/Tanya Huff vampire books

I did so many things this weekend I don't have time to write about them. Friday night, I was taken out to dinner, then did a reading, then went out again afterwards and had a milkshake. Then I got up Sunday morning and had brunch with a bunch of writers, then went to get a haircut, which took a lot longer than I'd expected. Then I went to Lush a bought a late bday present for plasticsturgeon and met up with Mademoiselle Toddler and her Staff, then accompanied them to their house for fondue. Sunday was brunch with feklar, ericaceous, and plasticsturgeon, in which I discovered I really like black pepper bacon, and that chocolate hazelnut spread and Morello cherry spread make a lovely combination on a pancake. Then we watched some Battlestar Galactica and played mah-jongg, achieving four whole rounds, 25% of a game! Then we ate pizza, and then I went shopping for lip balm and moisturizing soap, and then I went home.


I'm rereading Tanya Huff's vampire novels with Henry Fitzroy, except I skipped the last one when I remembered the plot and decided it was too upsetting to read right now. I skipped ahead to the two new(er) books with Henry as sidekick and Tony Foster, gay ex-street kid from the previous series, as the lead. Tony's working as a Production Assistant on a Vancouver tv show about a vampire detective. Why haven't more people been talking about these books? There are two so far, Smoke and Shadows and Smoke and Mirrors.
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