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2nd Doctor, "The Mind Robber"

"The Mind Robber" is probably the wackiest Patrick Troughton episode of Dr. Who. It's amusing to watch the documentaries on the official DVD and learn not all the surrealism was intended--a different guy played Jamie (with manufactured plot reason) for an episode or so because Frazer Hines caught chicken pox, and the excellently creepy first episode, which takes place in a white-on-white stage supposedly Nowhere was because they needed an extra episode but had used up all their money and had to make do with what was at hand.

Anyway, this is the one where there's a world of fictional characters because there's some powerful aliens who want to take over Earth by making real people fictional so they can control them...I think. Don't ask me to explain it in too much detail. It will make your head hot.

Cool things: the unicorn looked pretty good; Medusa made use of stop motion animation; Lemuel Gulliver's lines all come from the written novel. They were smart enough to avoid showing the Minotaur, using its scary shadow instead.

I was mildly amused by the version of Rapunzel, who had fake eyelashes and hopefully asked everyone, "Are you a prince?" Alas, she is the only female fictional character we see, aside from some girls in a crowd of children.

My goodness, Zoe's sparkly catsuit. The bit in which she and Jamie are clinging to the TARDIS console while it revolves in space...there's an impressive back view of that costume. Hamish Wilson wasn't bad as Jamie, but I noticed he wasn't as physical--Frazer Hines as Jamie is always grabbing or hanging on to the others, either protectively or in search of protection.

The Karkus, a superstrong superhero of the future (Zoe used to read his adventures in a comic strip) is a trip. He has a strange and geographically untraceable accent, vaguely German, which somehow suits him.

More on this episode, and also more here. Here's The BBC episode guide.
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