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4th Doctor: "Revenge of the Cybermen"

I do not think this episode is the Cybermen's most glittering [ah-ha-ha-ha!!!] moment. Following "Genesis of the Daleks," one of my favorite Four episodes, doesn't help. A lot of the previous continuity for them appears to have been trashed; for example, suddenly they can be killed by gold, which clogs their breathing apparatus, and this idea continues through the 5th Doctor Cybermen stories as well, most notably "Earthshock."

However, Harry and Sarah both have some good moments. Note Sarah is still wearing her camo outfit from Skaro. Harry does his being-an-actual-doctor thing, and he and Sarah both exchange some funny banter and help each other escape the Vogans.

Notable quote: The Doctor bellows, "Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!" after Harry agrees he was the one who dropped rocks on the Doctor's head.

Nifty bit: the episode is set on the station from "The Ark in Space," only in a different time period, much as Platform One is reused for the Ninth Doctor.

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